“Ban on putting Shetland in a box on maps comes into force”

Symbolic legislation in the Scottish Parliament with a Monty Python flavor: mapmakers told to incorporate more blue space so as to encourage proper empathy for the challenges of remoteness faced by the Shetland Islands. Please don’t anyone pass on this idea to the elected officials of Hawaii, or the overseas departments of France. [BBC, Lowering the Bar]


  • They’s’ll be comin fer yer Mercator perjections next, mark me words.

  • Enact this rule for Alaska in USA maps, and then start annexationist rumors on some of the more paranoid Canadian internet groups. “Fifty-four-forty or fight!”, etc.

  • Enact legislation for the reverse as well.
    Any map of Shetland must also contain all of Scotland proper. This should create the situation that a street scale map of Shetland should be about 20 feet wide to accommodate a bunch of the north sea plus Scotland.
    It sucks not having a 1st amendment to keep the gummints hands off our maps.

    • I believe the measure in Scotland relates only to official/government maps, so it is not clear that the absence of a First Amendment or its equivalent makes a difference here.

  • Any map of Scotland must now be on the scale of one inch equals one inch.

    That solves that problem.

    Granted the law of unintended consequences will now come into play but the repeal of that law is next for the Scottish legislature.

  • Nobody puts Shetland in a corner!