Great case, if only she’d been in the smashed-up car

“The defense said the case, which involved substantial medical damages and a plaintiff who miscarried after the collision, would have been a great plaintiff’s case — if she had actually been in the car she claimed was wrecked.” Instead, after “defense testimony showed that she swapped out the scarcely damaged car before police arrived with another that had been wrecked years earlier” she “walked out of a DeKalb County courtroom with nothing.” [Atlanta; Greg Land, Daily Report Online]


  • This sort of abuse needs to be severely punished.

  • Isn’t this fraud on the court, and should it not result in a criminal prosecution?

  • Why did the police arrive with another wrecked car? Were they in on the fraud?

    • “before police arrived” should probably have gone before “she swapped” so readers couldn’t make that mistake, Tony.