Investigative series: NYC home seizures

Kings County Politics investigates a series of cases in which New York City has seized the properties of Brooklyn homeowners after procedurally or substantively dubious findings of distressed condition or tax/water arrears. In some cases the city then hands the property over to politically connected developers. “Public Advocate Letitia James [has] called for a temporary freeze of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s (HPD) Third-Party Transfer (TPT) program” to address the concerns. [Stephen Witt and Kelly Mena, Kings County Politics]


  • Hmmm. In some cases, taxes were paid and not credited? Seems like something that ought to be investigated for criminal activity.

    This looks like an example of micro-tyranny.

  • It is bad enough when pols line their own pockets with bribes or lie, but when they overtly steal from the public (this case and civil asset forfeiture) then they are acting like gangsters.

  • Did they pay the owners everything over the water bill owed received in value from the sale? Just as a procedural question, not as an affirmation of the correctness of what they did.

    • Do you even have to ask?

  • I’m sure they received every dime collected in excess of they water bill, late fees, fines and penalties. Of course, there also were “reasonable” attorney fees, court fees, recording fees, …

    • Insert sardonic laugh here . . . . .