Sweden advertising ombudsman: “Distracted Boyfriend Meme” is sexist

Sweden’s advertising ombudsman has ruled the much-shared “Distracted Boyfriend Meme” improperly presents women as “sex objects” and is “a stereotypical picture of men seeing women as interchangeable”. While the industry panel itself has no power to impose a legal ban, its views might prove consequential since the Stockholm city council has enacted a ban on sexist billboards in public spaces. [Catherine Edwards, The Local]


  • Good grief.

  • Of course it is sexist, and that was the entire point. What else could it POSSIBLY be?

    Pure genius dey got working dere…

  • Interestingly, the only sexism is see is anti-Men! It shows men as inconsiderate, fickle, and easily distracted by physical attributes. Yet this goes unrecognized. For that reason, it’s easy to suppose their agenda is something other than “sexism.”

  • Can hardly wait for the Swedish opinion on the Overly Involved Girlfriend meme.

  • Reality is sexist. To confuse the fact of attraction between the sexes with being sexist is a conflation of two different things. If men were not attracted to women the species would die out. Why in the world would men chase women and work their whole lives to support a family if their attraction to women was not overpowering. It is idiotic to object to this fundamental life force that we share with all species. Shall we become monks?