“One a Day”: the fateful brand name

The “One a Day” brand of multivitamins was introduced in 1940. As the company diversified its product offerings in the intervening years it should probably have transitioned over to some other brand name. That way a California court would not have green-lighted a suit by a man suing because the label says he should take two Vitacraves a day instead of one [William Sassani, Chamber-backed Legal NewsLine]


  • My first reaction is somebody with the intelligence to file a lawsuit should have the intelligence to read the label.

    If this becomes a precedent it could have wide ranging effects. If I get a loan from the “honest loan company” can I sue when their (unread) fine print says something I don’t think is honest?

    Luckily the company Exabyte is no longer in business since their products never reached an actual exabyte capacity.

  • There is a First Amendment issue lurking here.

  • Appellate Court: you people are stupid

  • Good Lord, the Dollar Stores and Dollar Generals better get on the stick.

    • Yeah, neither of them sells dollars.

  • I hope they go after EZ-Off oven cleaner next. It’s still a b–ch to clean my oven. NOT EASY!