New York: maybe gun insurance is okay after all

As our friend R.J. Lehmann observed the other day: “New York now wants to require people to hold a kind of insurance that it sanctioned the NRA and an insurance broker earlier this year for selling at all.” I explain in my new Cato post.


  • In New York, many police officers, parole officers, etc. have their own hand guns, in addition to their issued weapons. Will they be required to purchased insurance for their guns?

  • No big deal; they’ll follow the Ninth Circuit philosophy that a constitutional right can be conditioned on impossible-to-meet standards.

    The fact that the standard is impossible to meet is because the government is making it so, only makes it sweeter.

  • Some twenty years ago, I offered a mandatory gun insurance proposal on Usenet. It had some features that gun prohibitionists might not care for.

  • So once again we will be forced to buy a product we don’t want so we can exercise a right we already have? We have seen this rodeo before. Government has no right to impose something like that, but with enough guns of their own, they can make anything “legal”. You Sith wannabes.

  • Speech insurance! C’mon, anyone wanting to communicate should be required to carry speech insurance. That anyone receiving hurt feelings can seek restitution. And, if your speech insurance gets enough claims they can drop your coverage and you will have to shut up and stop writing or communicating in any fashion.