Fifth Circuit: Apple not liable for crash of driver reading texts

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has a rejected a products liability claim against Apple alleging that a woman’s neurobiological response to looking at a text message on her iPhone 5 while behind the wheel was the cause of a car crash that killed two people and paralyzed a child.” [John Council/Texas Lawyer, Tim Cushing/TechDirt; Meador v. Apple]


  • As it should be. No company should ever be held liable for the misuse of their product. The only actual time that I could see where this should stick would have been if Apple had run TV commercials telling people that they had invented the first “safe to text while you drive phone”. Then, maybe, you can be forgiven for thinking that it’s OK.

  • If, while driving, any kind of attention is being paid to texts, phones etc, should constitute ‘an act of abusive and dangerous driving.’

    Roadside advertising (BillBoards) should be the next bogeymen to focus on., (that’s just my opinion, ….. nothing more!

    • But I see billboards urging us not to text and drive.