Green emergencies and grownups

“An end to industrial civilization, but like in a totally pro-union way.” My two cents at Ricochet on the politics of this week’s “Green New Deal” boomlet, the land of pure imagination that exists beyond trade-offs, and the likelihood of universal high-speed rail’s getting even through its preliminary litigation stages, let alone built and operating, within ten years.


  • Not to belabor the obvious, but California can’t even build a single high-speed rail line after 10 years, and it is vastly expensive. Rail ridership has been declining for 50 years because it is not convenient: when you get to your train destination you still don’t have a way to get to your real destination. High speed rail between every city? hahahahaha 100trillion dollars at least.

  • I say make it even more expensive and install solar panels along the right of way while you’re at it… That way instead of diesel electrics you can run solar electrics… 😀