• About time. This should be a no brainer. States should be required to have provisions for travelers to pass through their states with their firearms. My understanding is that under federal law you have right of passage but some states (NY and California, cough, cough) routinely violate it (and I could be wrong about right of passage as I am not a lawyer).

    All that being said, it will probably be a 5-4 decision.

    • This case isn’t about out of state travelers being able to transport guns through NY state.

      This is about an NYC ordinance that says guns legally owned by NYC residents can only be transported from the owner’s home, to one of 7 gun ranges in NYC. This makes it technically impossible for NYC residents who own guns in the city to legally transport those gun out of NYC.

  • What part of ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” is too hard to understand?

    • Apparently, all of it…

  • And to think, all those ships with cannon that did business with New York…

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