Higher education roundup

  • The less you know: new push to “de-bias” faculty recruiting by removing CVs and interviews from the process [John Morgan, Times Higher Ed/Inside Higher Ed on developments in Britain]
  • “You Can’t Make This Up: A Speech Code that Investigates Students for Discussing the Freedom of Speech” [University of South Carolina: Ilya Shapiro and Patrick Moran on Cato certiorari brief in Abbott v. Pastides]
  • “Sokal Squared” hoax runs into IRB (human subjects review) issues at Portland State, and it’s more complicated than you might think [Jesse Singal, New York]
  • “A Liberal Case for DeVos’s Reforms” [Lara Bazelon, New York Times] After initial resistance, ACLU moving to acknowledge merit of some objections to Obama-era Title IX procedure [Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic] Attorneys general from 18 states plus D.C. sign letter arguing against presumption of innocence for students accused under Title IX [same]
  • “Anti-Koch group tries to get hummus banned from university in BDS effort” [Zachary Petrizzo, The College Fix]
  • Monopoly bargaining privileges for faculty: vindication and hope after Janus [Charles Baird, Martin Center]


  • For certain, limited, domains “debiasing” isn’t a bad idea.

    The one that comes to mind is for orchestra musicians. A complete blind audition.

    But for University staff who need to be able to work with other faculty, teach students, publish, and research, it sounds like a terrible idea. And if the auditions aren’t “blind” (which is near impossible to do) then all this probably means is they’ll select people solely by who’s underrepresented most according to physical characteristics.

  • Besides reviewing a CV/resume and an interview, what does any hiring process consist of?

  • The Fourth Circuit’s decision is statist. The intrusion by the state actors was minor; gag order, no big deal. Why shouldn’t each one of the Fourth Circuit judges be hooted out of office in shame?

  • Next up: actors, who shall remain anonymous and only list their previous gigs:

    “I played Han Solo in Star Wars as well as a number of other roles, and I think I should be considered as the next Cleopatra because….”