San Francisco housing stalled over “potentially historic laundromat”

A 75-unit housing development in San Francisco’s Mission District, a block from a BART station, is running into delay over what is termed a “potentially historic laundromat.” It’s a total mystery why housing is so expensive in the city by the Bay, with the average one-bedroom apartment said to rent for $3,258. [Adam Brinklow, Curbed via Derek Thompson]


  • And think about the jobs lost . . …

  • And the military housing allowance for enlisted personnel starts at $4300 per month (for a PFC getting less than $2000 per month regular pay).

  • Sounds like somebody wants a bigger bribe.

    I mean, taste.

    I mean, contribution.

  • If it really were a historic laundromat a wash would be a quarter and dry would be ten cents for 10 minutes.

    • depends on just how historic. Completely historic would result in it sending out the clothes via sailing ship to other locations to be washed, dried and folded… đŸ˜€

  • Just an FYI Derek reposted a year-old story.

    The historic designation wasn’t given, the Calle 24 people dropped all protests and the land has been sold per this link: