• I certainly understand being concerned about drinking water quality. Lake Erie borders on several states and even another nation. Does Toledo have the power to make regulations that have interstate and international impact?

  • And yet an unborn child…..

  • From the article, re (presumably actionable) damage to Ms., I mean, Lake Erie: ” This kind of pollution occurs “when rainfall washes fertilizer and manure spread on large farm fields into streams that flow into Lake Erie.”

    Guess what? It also occurs when an ordinary home-owner who lives anywhere near the Lake (actual lakefront, or on a street that discharges stormwater runoff to or near the lake, etc.) puts fertilizer, grub-killer, etc. on the lawn at his home.

    There may be some unintended consequences to this for Canucks.

  • Maybe peta should move that monkey to Oh…

  • Who has the right to speak for Lake Erie? Don’t the green algae that thrive from agricultural runoff also have interests that deserve consideration? To argue otherwise is arrant species-ism.

    • Yes, by all means, let us hear from the Micro-organism Community (and their attorneys). Their voices must not be silenced.