April 10 roundup


  • The Waco boondoggle was nothing short of a gang shootout, with the police being one of the gangs. It was completely lawless police action–they didn’t like bikers having a gathering and so they attacked them, with bystanders getting killed and jailed. Disgraceful and an example of why qualified immunity is a terrible doctrine.

  • What is it with Waco? Seems like the only thing I ever hear about that town is one horrible miscarriage of justice or another. Is that their primary export?

    • If you don’t see much breaking news from Waco, Texas, perhaps it’s because most of the news originating there is too pleasant to make it onto the front page. It has Baylor University, the Dr Pepper museum and Free Enterprise Institute, and the exquisite Armstrong Browning Library, which houses the largest collections of English poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to name just a few of my fond memories from when I visited.

      • Okay, I admit I was being unfairly glib, and it’s probably a perfectly normal town. Guess it only takes a little bit to establish a reputation for a place in the public consciousness, like how the main things I associate with the City of New London are eminent domain abuse and being the one instance I have ever seen cited of a police officer being denied employment for being too smart.