London police gather kitchen knives for destruction

From a verified police account in London, a city that’s been pursuing an anti-knife campaign. Note the foil (or is it an épée?), the spoon, and enough chef’s, paring, bread, and steak knives to get a half-dozen households launched on a lifelong mission of eating well.


  • Also looks like at least two honing steels, which are definitely not knives, either.

    • The at least 3 carving forks aren’t knives either. And I’d be willing to bet that the smallish item with the d-guard is actually a letter opener.

      • Note: if the small sword like object with the D guard was a stiletto dagger, I would expect the handle to be quire a bit bigger, comparable in size to the kitchen knives that surround it.

        That tells me it’s a miniature replica of a sword, probably a rapier (think Three Musketeers) , and again most likely intended to be used as a letter opener.

  • There’s something discordant about seeing ” London” and “eating well” in the same paragraph.

    • An outdated view. It has been a couple of decades at least since London began to emerge as a capital that could hold its own among major food cities.

  • US statistics show more people killed by bare hands than by rifles. Better not give them any ideas.
    Not sure how they think people can cut stuff without a knife. Do we just cook a whole chicken and then pass it around and everyone rip off a piece? They’ve been “catching” lots of tradesmen in London who need knives as part of their work. Very clever.

  • Next weapons sweep they’ll proudly display plastic sporks…

  • As usual, police could either catch actual criminals, which is hard work, or they could do this stuff instead.

    Since both get them the same salary, why not?

  • Colonel Mustard did it in the study with the revolver. Nope!

    Colonel Mustard did it in the study with the knife. Nope!

    Colonel Mustard did it in the study with the lead pipe. Nope! (due to environmental regulations regarding lead pipes).

    That leaves candlestick, wrench, and rope as possibilities.

    More seriously, knife attacks in London are a real problem. While I’m willing to criticize this solution, I don’t have a better solution.

    • ” While I’m willing to criticize this solution,”

      This isn’t anything even remotely resembling a solution.

      Something must be done.

      This is something.

      Therefore, this must be done.

      That is the “logic” behind “soulutions” like this.

      You can not solve the problems of violence by banning type of weapons popular with criminals.

      The ultimate problem is that it is easier to destroy than to create and human ingenuity is limitless. Even if you could wave a magic wand and make all banned weapons vanish from the whole world, they would simply adapt and find something else to use as a weapon.

      What will they have to ban next? Spears? Baseball bats? Pointy sticks? Rocks?

  • Foil. An épée has a deeper guard (since the hand/wrist is a valid target in épée but not in foil).

  • In today’s news, a McDonalds near a Brexit party rally in Scotland stopped selling chocolate shakes at police request. Apparently throwing chocolate shakes at politicians you disagree with is happens there with sufficient regularity for the police to take precautions.

    When chocolate shakes are outlawed, only outlaws will enjoy chocolate shakes.

    • I pity those attempting to write satire…

      • Further update: Nigel Farage was hit with a chocolate shake today. Reminds me of the egging of Trump rally attendees in San Jose in 2016.

  • wool socks filled with sand or rocks… Next sweep they will come for the sheep…