Louisiana: “…an unknown third vehicle waves down an 18-wheeler”

Attorneys for Mississippi-based Whitestone Transportation “allege in court documents that their investigations have uncovered evidence of more than 30” incidents around New Orleans following a distinct pattern of “multiple people in a claimant vehicle, sideswipe allegations with commercial vehicle trailers, minimal damage to claimant vehicle, little to no damage to the insured trailer and a commercial vehicle driver who is either unaware of or denies impact, according to trucking attorneys.” “In Louisiana we estimate our insurance costs are three to five times more than the national average,” said Chance McNeely, executive director of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association, and with the legal system not well suited to defeating claims for staged or pretended accidents, companies are increasingly turning to truck-mounted cameras.

“It’s always the same thing: Four people in a sedan, and there’s always a random witness who gives a loose statement to the cops and has a random appointment and has to get away, “ McNeely said. And all too often they use the same attorneys and the same doctors, he said….

“We have a lot of billboards for attorneys, and many of them demonize our industry,” he said.

[Eric Miller, Transport Topics]


  • And yet the Louisiana Supreme Court doesn’t look at the attorneys . . . .

  • Follow-up story, April 4, same author, same paper: A federal judge has dismissed the suit with prejudice at the request of the plaintiffs.

    The dismissal follows a request last month by the plaintiffs to postpone the trial, originally set for March 18, after their attorney said they would assert their Fifth Amendment rights to not incriminate themselves due to a possible criminal investigation.

    See https://www.ttnews.com/articles/federal-judge-new-orleans-dismisses-alleged-staged-accident-lawsuit.