A coming anniversary for Overlawyered

Overlawyered was launched on July 1, 1999, when blogs were still a relatively new thing, and so it will soon complete its twentieth year (!) of continuous publication at the end of this month.

How should we celebrate?


  • File a bunch of lawsuits!

  • Happy Anniversary.

  • 1) List of top ten blog entries by number of views or
    2) 3 greatest trends for improvement vs 3 greatest trends in regression.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Congratulations! I don’t remember when I started following Overlawyered, but it’s been at least 10 years, probably more.

    To celebrate you should propose legislation to recognize Overlawyered Day.

  • Pulled pork BBQ and beer.

    • Great ideas for celebration here, so try several all at once.

      Properly prepare with BBQ and beer, then file a bunch of lawsuits and propose legislation for Overlawyered Day.

      Party prizes for the best pleadings and legislative proposals.

    • Pulled pork BBQ and beer.I came here to say exactly the same thing.

      Congratulations, Overlawyered!!

  • Hire a lawyer!

  • 20 years? Really? Surely you beat the statue of limitations by now.

    More seriously, congrats to one of the truly great sites on the net. Well done, and long may you run.

  • Schedule something and I will attend. Announce results of reader poll/# of comments winners of most egregious overlawyered examples or a “ Hall of Shame/infamy club” .. 20 years of producing a consistently succinct and insightful blog deserves recognition. Let’s do this.

  • 18 Years Ago. I’m giving thanks to my friend GVO for introducing me to this site.

    Agree, also, with Donald – Pulled Pork BBQ and Beer.

    and Joseph. Take the day off, pre-program a top ten list of most commented entries to populate on that date.

    Alternatively, invite guest blogs by luminaries of other legal bloggers who either routinely visit, or were inspired, by your site.

  • On the advice of counsel I decline to comment.

    All the best.