“The secretive nonprofit that made millions suing companies over cancer warnings”

Beth Mole at ArsTechnica takes a look at “a little-known nonprofit called the Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT),” which sued over the lack of California cancer warnings on coffee and has filed many other Prop 65 suits, and its lawyer Raphael Metzger, whom longtime Overlawyered readers have met before. While the organization’s workings have seldom come under scrutiny, one money trail appears to lead to epidemiologist Martyn Smith at Berkeley’s School of Public Health; neither professor nor school responded to Mole’s requests for comment.

One Comment

  • One of the buildings where I previously worked (in California) had a proposition 65 warning in the lobby. Rather than identify what was specifically dangerous in the building (and be liable if they missed something), the entire building was covered by the warning.

    Perhaps we should just put proposition 65 warnings at all the airports, seaports, and highways leading into California.