“Scooter Accidents Leading to Big Ticket Claims at Disney Parks”

Scooters at Disney parks “have brought on a rise of civil lawsuits filed by people complaining about being run over or drivers saying they were injured.” However, because of ADA considerations — they’re an assistive mobility device — the park cannot ban them, and even attempts at lesser restrictions, such as speed limits, would quickly run into legal constraints: “any rule would likely require the U.S. Department of Justice’s approval,” according to a disability rights attorney. [Gabrielle Russon, Insurance Journal]

One Comment

  • The costs sound manageable (due at least in part to the low speeds), not worth a major battle with ADA advocates.
    (1) Scooters might be designed to stop automatically when the front bumper detects resistance.
    (2) Self driving technology sounds more difficult than on the open road, due to pedestrians darting in and out of the way so quickly.
    (3) (irony) Customers might be willing to pay extra for a taser effective at short range against pedestrians who cut in front unreasonably close. (/irony)