California vs. freelance writers

A new California anti-gig-economy law sponsored by a labor-organizer-turned-lawmaker is shaping up as a disaster for freelancers — exactly as Virginia Postrel and others predicted it would. “If a freelance journalist writes for a magazine, newspaper or other entity whose central mission is to disseminate the news, the law says, that journalist is capped at writing 35 ‘submissions’ per year per ‘putative employer.'” The law is set to go into effect January 1. [Hollywood Reporter; earlier here, here, etc.]


  • Is there a First Amendment issue here?

    • You are following a legal blog, so I give better than 50% odds you are a lawyer. Your question suggests you probably believe there is a First Amendment issue. So why ask others to do the analysis for you? Please give us YOUR thoughts on what the First Amendment issues are.

  • I wonder if bloggers and podcasters will be affected, especially if their work goes up on aggregating sites such as wordpress, blogger, or minds, all of which tout themselves as news organizations even though they mostly do not process payments or perform editorial functions.