October 16 roundup

One Comment

  • Regarding the disbarment–it would be interesting to shine a spotlight on the process. It would not be surprising if bar discipline is not meted out evenhandedly. The prosecution in Parma, Ohio leaps to mind. It was “clearly established” law that the criminal defendant had a right to publish the website that he published—yet he was prosecuted anyway. Why wouldn’t that reflect on the prosecutor’s fitness to practice law? Was the prosecutor an expert in 1A law–apparently not, so why didn’t he consult those who are?

    Then there’s Kim Foxx—she blatantly mischaracterized her non-recused “recusal” which was in the course and scope of her duties as a prosecutor . . . .

    Or Xavier Becerra who apparently thought it was cool to attempt to extort journalists for the “crime” of holding onto documents they had a right to keep?