San Francisco: forget that NRA contractor blacklist

A memo last week from San Francisco Mayor London Breed made clear that “the City’s contracting processes and policies have not changed and will not change as a result of the Resolution” by the Board of Supervisors branding the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist group. [Joshua Koehn, San Francisco Chronicle] The resolution had proclaimed that the city should take all reasonable steps to identify and limit business and financial links between its vendors and contractors and the membership organization, but Breed pointed out that the city enacts changes to its law only by ordinance, not by resolution, which means the swaggering language had no effect off the playground. It had been widely predicted that courts would strike down a move by the city to coerce contractors in this way. Earlier here and here.


  • If the city’s contracting policies and standards have not and will not change as a result of the resolution, then clearly they are already in compliance with the resolution and therefore illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and fattening.


    • Why is that “clear” rather than the indicated reason that processes already subject to law or ordinance don’t change based on a BOS Resolution.

  • The city possesses its cake and is eating it, too.
    The message has been sent…whether “binding” or not, fair warning to anyone who belongs to or contributes to the NRA that the city will avoid doing business with them.

  • My little 5 person (and extremely diverse!) consulting company is a member of the NRA (along with about a dozen other organizations). I can’t imagine how San Francisco can think banning companies like mine is a Good Idea.