• Is anyone updating that superb map/table in your February article showing appeals court appointments by party of President.

  • It would not just be a good thing, but an excellent thing, if only Constitutional originalists were appointed to the bench, at all levels. If that means only (R), so be it, but Republicans miss the mark on this a lot, too. In contrast, don’t know of any (D) who ever hit the mark.

    • One symptom of bad judges, per curiam summary reversals by opinion at SCOTUS. Today, the Ninth Circuit ate one. The judges on the panel were two Bush 43 appointees and one Clinton.

      Just today, the Court declined to weigh in on the Mann defamation case. One wonders how much politics went into that decision.

  • And yet the upright, honest, and candid CJ claimed, in a public slap at POTUS, that there’s no such thing as an “Obama judge” or a “Trump judge”. So what are people afraid of; don’t they believe the CJ?