• So he’s claiming he was resurrected? Behold, God’s other Son!

    • Welease Bwian!

      • “…And his fwend, Biggus…”

        Oh, never mind.

  • Having resuscitated more than my fair share back from the beyond, it strikes me as bizarre that “lifers” wouldn’t automatically be DNR. I mean, what, they weren’t already punished enough so let’s spend even more on them by bringing them back from the beyond so we can punish them some more?

    • There was a Colorado inmate once serving a life sentence who had a DNR, but was resuscitated anyway, prompting him to sue prison officials for saving his life. No idea how that one turned out.

  • We can’t fault the guy for trying. Right? If I were in his shoes I would go for it.

  • The sad thing–this is less ridiculous than other arguments that have actually worked.