Points for creativity dept.: back from the dead

“A man convicted of murder was rushed from the Iowa State Penitentiary to the hospital in 2015 where his heart was restarted five times. Now he claims his life sentence was fulfilled in his short-lived death, and that he has over-stayed his prison time.” [Anna Spoerre, Des Moines Register]


  • So he’s claiming he was resurrected? Behold, God’s other Son!

    • Welease Bwian!

      • “…And his fwend, Biggus…”

        Oh, never mind.

  • Having resuscitated more than my fair share back from the beyond, it strikes me as bizarre that “lifers” wouldn’t automatically be DNR. I mean, what, they weren’t already punished enough so let’s spend even more on them by bringing them back from the beyond so we can punish them some more?

    • There was a Colorado inmate once serving a life sentence who had a DNR, but was resuscitated anyway, prompting him to sue prison officials for saving his life. No idea how that one turned out.

  • We can’t fault the guy for trying. Right? If I were in his shoes I would go for it.

  • The sad thing–this is less ridiculous than other arguments that have actually worked.