Campus climate roundup

  • As part of “human rights capstone project” Yale student disrupts professors deemed not progressive enough, including law school’s estimable Akhil Amar. Time for the university to reaffirm the Woodward Report and intellectual freedom [Yale Daily News: Audrey Steinkamp, Matt Kristoffersen followup]
  • “The foundational claim leveled by anti-racism protestors is that violence is ubiquitous on campus…. Violence is not meant to be taken metaphorically…. Threats to life are now commonplace accusations.” [Darel E. Paul, Areo] “What is the difference between firing tenured professors and removing them from required classes?” [Jonathan Adler]
  • “Faculty at universities across the country are facing an echo of the loyalty oath, a mandatory ‘Diversity Statement’ for job applicants…. in reality it’s a political test, and it’s a political test with teeth.” [Abigail Thompson, Notices of the American Mathematical Society via Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed and thence via Bainbridge; more, Jerry Coyne and Joel Fish thread with background on new UC centralized hiring procedures; earlier and more on mandatory diversity statements]
  • Not at all scary or authoritarian for rightists discontented with the political tenor of academia to call for seizing university endowments [for instance, more, a sampling of chatter on Twitter]
  • Emphasis on writing quality and rigor in coursework decried as instruments of European supremacy [Arnold Kling] California Assembly passes bill requiring all undergrads to take ethnic studies course before graduating [Tony Lima critique]
  • Urban Institute report claims higher education has seen rightward political shift. Really? [Phillip W. Magness, American Institute for Economic Research with a skeptical look]


  • Regarding mandatory diversity statements—start prosecuting those who make them happen under 18 USC 242. That will stop that in its tracks.

  • Your other Right Phillip.

    • Actually, the article by Phillip W. Magness questions a claim of a rightward shift in academia made by someone else (David Austin Walsh for the Urban Institute.)

      • Didn’t spot that ambiguity at the time, but I added wording to clarify that Magness’s piece is a critique of the Urban Institute study.

        • My apologies to Phillip.

        • Personally, I didn’t think it was that ambiguous. If you followed the link, just a glance and the title/headline of Mr Magness’ article should have been enough to inform that Mr Magness wasn’t buying what the Urban Institute was selling.

  • Re. instruments of European supremacy

    It’s not racist to say that Europeans took over North America. It would be racist to suggest that anyone might be grateful.

    Re: Experimental agitprop theater at Yale

    They said they believed that many students in Sky’s class have “not confronted the levels of hypocrisy and violence — like white feminism — that is propagated by her class.”

    Some of the most hard-core rednecks use exactly the same form of bitter, well-coached, anti-human rhetoric. From Yalies, with a grammatical error, just like real rednecks.

  • I don’t understand why anyone thinks that universities should give back donations by people like Epstein. They aren’t stolen property that should be restored to the legitimate owners. I can see an objection to taking the gifts in the first place if they required the schools to glorify donors whose moral faults they were aware of, but factor is no longer relevant now. The money itself is not tainted – let it be put to good use. Noam Chomsky, not exactly a right-winger, was once asked whether it was ethical for him to accept research funding from the US Air Force. He responded that it was better that they should give it to him than spend it on bombs.

  • I applied for a job at a Calif U with a mandatory diversity statement and there is no way I could demonstrate my wokeness sufficiently for what they want. This will prevent any conservative from ever getting hired. It is a political litmus test but the woke view this as pure human rights not to be questioned.

    The claim that words are violence and that violence on campus is real is pure propaganda and/or delusion. A college campus is one of the safest places on earth for a minority person. Their lack of “comfort” there is no one’s fault. Claims that rigor and writing quality are white supremacy seek to destroy the whole point of a university. If you graduate writing badly who wants to hire you? These activists are active all right: actively harming those minorities they claim to be helping.