German court: search engines must deindex reports of 1981 double murder

In case you were wondering exactly where the supposed “right to be forgotten” leads in Internet regulation:

A convicted murderer in Germany has the right to get all mention of his crime deleted from internet search results under the EU’s “right to be forgotten” provision, Germany’s highest court has ruled.

Let’s hope the United States never decides to follow Europe’s path by restricting speech rights in the name of personal data erasure. [Bill Bostock, Business Insider]


  • Most reports, including the Business Insider one Walter links to, seem to be honoring the court’s decision by withholding the culprit’s name. But British tabloids are less solicitous of German murderers.

  • It seems like a very important fact to know that you might be dating or rooming with a convicted murderer. This “right” is so bizarre. I think it was pushed by politicians who do not want you (the public) to know about their past legal issues and scandals.

  • I think the German court is working up to establishing their own right not to be shown wearing goofy caps.

  • Hah. Good luck with enforcement.

  • From Hugo’s linked article: “The constitutional court in Karlsruhe found in favour of Paul Termann, who was given a life sentence for killing two people on a yacht in 1982.”

    So, Paul Termann, convicted double murderer wants people to forget that Paul Termann was convicted of killing two people in 1982? Ok Paul Termann, convicted double murderer, we’ll try and forget that you, Paul Termann, killed two people.

    What do you think of that, Paul Termann, convicted double killer?

    Hint: Paul Termann, if you wanted to be forgotten to history, not killing two people is a good first step.

    Second Hint: Paul Termann, convicted double killer, have you ever heard of the Streisand Effect?

  • Germany? Germany Germany….. Weren’t they…..

    No, it’s gone. Never heard of them.