• Point deduction for not closing with “ please govern yourself accordingly”

  • You know, if my kids were playing football in the backyard, and a fence got damaged, I’d pay for it. After receiving a letter like this, I wouldn’t. I’d come up with all sorts of defenses (um, which kid did it? Not mine–oh sorry–what’s the diminution of value, oh not much–here’s a check for $5.00).

    I wouldn’t sic the bar authorities on this guy for the letter. He has a right to send his letter. But this letter is just the sort of thing that brings lawyers into disrepute. And he also doesn’t seem that bright—kids playing football and hitting gold balls are not analogous scenarios.

  • I trust he makes it a point to sue the next hurricane to come through.

    More disturbing is the idea that kids can’t play in their own back yard without an adult supervising.

  • If a football damaged that fence, his issue should be with the company that made the fence, not the kids playing football.

    Me I’d go down to the County building and pull the Plat Map of the area and make sure that his fence isn’t on my property.

  • Heaven forfend that football ever goes over the designer metal fence. I bet he’d call the sheriff. Oh the horror of unsupervised children. I hope they play basketball in the driveway too.

  • Wind blowing lawyers direction? Time to fire up the backyard fire pit…with wet, smoky wood.

    Ok Rover…speak! Speak, Rover, Speak! [woof, woof, woof] Good boy….speak! [woof, woof, woof]. “Hey, I’m just training my dog.”

    I like the idea of the basketball hoop in the drive way – the noise ought to be infuriating.

    Why is it that lawyers seem pre-dispositioned to be absolute jerks in cases like this? Is it part of law school that the “normal, reasonable human neighbor” module is removed from their brains?

  • You sent a letter to me from an unsupervised lawyer(!) I trust this will not happen again.