The seamy side of the recovery industry — and how the law enables it

Lengthy exposé of abuses and money-chasing in the drug- and alcohol-recovery industry has many angles, some relating to the legal environment in which the abuses arise: “We kept hearing about people with substance-use disorder being exploited by bad actors who take advantage of well-intended federal laws, like the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Affordable Care Act, and that they keep them in an endless pattern of relapse to siphon off their insurance benefits.” [Colton Wooten, The New Yorker]


  • I actually didn’t previously know the word “seamy.” You learn something every day.

    • Both “seamy” and “sleazy” originated as descriptions of clothing and cloth.

      “seamy” — with the rough side of seams showing.

      “sleazy” — ill-woven, thinly woven.

      Both are now used as derogatory characterizations of people’s behaviors.

  • LWOP for people who do this.