Copyright suit over sharing of “wrong on so many levels” meme

A popular meme went around social media with a photo of an assortment of carpenter’s levels each with the word “wrong” taped on it, and typically accompanied by the comment “This is wrong on so many levels.”

Among the many that shared this was a family-owned small business in North Carolina that develops curricular materials on grammar and other language arts, and has a large following for its Facebook page. More than a year and a half later a lawsuit arrived from “on behalf of Matthew Bradley of Windsor, California, who says he created the meme. There had previously been no communication between Bradley and AG. Representing Bradley is New York attorney Richard Liebowitz.” The case has been in litigation since, expensively to AG’s owner, and is now entering court-mandated mediation. [Dan Booth Law; Analytical Grammar legal defense GoFundMe, active lately; earlier on lawyer Liebowitz here and here]

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