Down the drain with wasteful coalition politics

Hotel chain Marriott has a successful program that saves energy and water by inducing guests who stay more than one night to forgo room cleaning and laundry. Some environmental groups actively oppose this program because they are politically allied with labor unions that want to preserve jobs in hotel housekeeping. [Todd Myers, Washington Policy Center]


  • I travel a fair amount and many hotels have this “hang your towel to reuse” sign, but almost never do the maids leave used towels. I think maids are also penalized for the room being messy, so they don’t dare do it.
    It is like the recycle bins at the airport that just combine the recycle with trash.

    • I don’t let them in the room.
      the ‘Do not disturb’ Stays on the entire visit, even if its 5 days.

  • In response to a reader’s objection, I’ve inserted “some” to make clear (if it was not) that not all environmental groups object to this policy.