“In liberal Takoma Park, a bold new climate proposal: Banning fossil fuels”

Oh! Takoma! “Takoma Park, the liberal enclave just outside Washington known as the ‘Berkeley of the East,’ is debating whether to outlaw gas stoves, leaf blowers and water heaters. The proposal… would ban all gas appliances, close fossil fuel pipelines, and move gas stations outside city limits by 2045. The cost to the average homeowner could reach $25,000, officials wrote.” [Rebecca Tan, Washington Post]


  • Why the dithering and waiting until 2045, 25 years and an entire generation away? If it’s a good idea, strike now! Ban immediately! Have the courage to face the consequences of your ideas, good or ill.

  • A different (but similar) view of Takoma Park’s politics:

    Takoma Park’s idiosyncrasies extend to its political climate. The “Azalea City” is one of the most liberal jurisdictions in the country, having pioneered such unusual policies as a self-declared nuclear-free zone; granting suffrage in local elections to 15- and 16-year-olds; and voting for non-citizens and convicted felons.


  • Talk about virtue signaling. Let’s require all homes and businesses to retrofit their cooking and heating systems, but don’t worry, all you citizens out there won’t have to pay to do this because it doesn’t take place for 25 years. Perhaps, as a sign of commitment, they should require all elected officials to do it now.

  • Another thought:

    Perhaps I just missed the mention, but do we believe that anyone out there in Takoma Park has figured out how to source the additional electricity necessary to meet all this contemplated new demand ( autos, home appliances, lawn appliances, etc.)?

    I’m certainly no type of engineer (French major here, and that many decades ago), but wouldn’t they have to increase the output of fossil fuel power plants to accomplish their goal of all-electric appliances? …which would wipe the virtue right out of their signaling.
    I’m sure I’ve read that none of the renewable sources would suffice. Maybe hydro? They’ve already declared themselves nuke-free…..

  • Of course, charging stations for electric vehicles would only be permitted if they could certify that the electricity was generated from non-fossil-fuel sources. Otherwise, they would also have to be outside of city limits.

  • They ought to shut off electricity to the whole place for a week, then take a vote on it.