COVID-19 pandemic roundup

  • Get the truckers what they need: reversing itself, Pennsylania agrees to reopen all 17 closed turnpike service plazas, heavily relied on by truck workforce [Ashley, CDL Life]
  • No, Senator, Medicare for All would not have kept us safe: “An Epidemic Big Enough to Accommodate Everyone’s Wish List” [Jacob Sullum] Has spending on the federal Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health been squeezed, gutted, etc.? My colleague Chris Edwards checks the numbers;
  • This is not the first time epidemics have interrupted the Supreme Court in its work [ABA Journal]
  • Medical supplier, speaking anonymously “for fear of FDA retaliation,” says it has large quantities of protective masks ready that cannot be used or even unpacked until FDA gets around to inspection [Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner] As part of liability protection, new bill will allow masks manufactured for industrial uses to be put into health care service [Jeanne Whalen, Washington Post; earlier here and here]
  • Good luck and renewed health to David Lat, founder of Above the Law and longtime friend of this site, who’s on ventilation in a New York hospital with a COVID-19 diagnosis [New York Law Journal, his Twitter and Facebook posts]
  • Emergency measures have a way of bleeding into later policy: “Politicians Declare Eviction Moratoriums To Combat Coronavirus. Will They Give Up That Power After the Virus Fades?” [Christian Britschgi]


  • “the administration wants “to re??focus the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on its core mission of preventing and controlling infectious diseases”

    Yes, good, good…

    “and other emerging public health issues, such as opioids.”

    Awww, SO close. (sad trombone)

  • And where is “ No State shall . . . ; pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, . . .?”

    States are closing down businesses a mile a minute with these blanket bands on social activity, including contractual activity. The question is not whether states have the power to do this, but whether the business owner has to suffer the interference of contract at no cost to the state.

  • Gotta love the fact that people are cowed by regulators even in a pandemic.

  • Can’t they train doctors and nurses on how to inspect the masks?