COVID-19 pandemic roundup

  • Bonfire of the regulations, continued: feds and states ditch trucking rules to keep the deliveries rolling [Christian Britschgi, earlier on bonfire of the regs]
  • Poll finds U.S. public approving extraordinarily coercive measures to combat epidemic, in many cases with little if any gap between parties [Adam Chilton, Summary, Judgment]
  • Could the emergency spur a shift to online video notarization, already authorized in 10 states? [Eugene Volokh]
  • “It must really be the apocalypse if the state of Oregon is letting drivers fill their own tanks. My favorite moment in this FAQ: ‘How will I know how to pump my own gas?'” [Jesse Walker linking Eugene Register-Guard]
  • Legal resources related to the crisis, from the UCLA law library;
  • Eggs in one basket: tsunami of unemployment claims should force rethink of monopoly state fund idea practiced by four states (Washington, Ohio, North Dakota, Wyoming) [Ray Lehmann, R Street Institute]

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