Overlawyered’s cast of characters

While I’ve been here all along as the main writer for Overlawyered, most of that time solo, others have played key roles too, especially attorney Ted Frank, now a leading class action reformer, who was a co-blogger here from 2003 to 2010. David Nieporent joined us for the better part of a year as a third hand.

We’ve had dozens of guestbloggers, most often during summer, holiday, and vacation periods. You can read more about them here including a 2016 post series in which I briefly biographized about half of the total number and linked to a few of their guest posts. Some were well known in their field already when they joined us; others were early in their careers and have since gone on to make a name as law professors, podcast hosts, and who knows what all. With expertise in fields as diverse as medicine, insurance, sports, and food policy, our guestbloggers brought a range of posting styles from funny to serious to outrageous. All were and are appreciated.

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