COVID-19 pandemic roundup


  • Re: Liability exposure solutions

    1. Universal health care
    2. universal health care

    In the alternative:

    1. Require businesses to have insurance, and have the insurance companies oversee safety measures

    Someone has to pay when people get sick. If the sick person has no money, it is the rest of us who pay.

    • That is what we need.
      Let the governemt run healthcare. They have done such a wonderful job running Amtrak, the Post Office, the VA, Social Security, Welfare, and the FDA.

      If you think our problems are bad,
      Wait until you see our solutions!

  • If I may paraphrase Churchill: “Universal health care is the worst form of health care, except for all the others.

    There are a bunch of people who think Social Security (especially the retirement part) is run very well. And there are many veterans who like the VA system. Of course, there are some who do not, but I doubt there would be different results if it were a private entity.

    The Post Office and Amtrak have political considerations that prevent them from operating at a profit. Those considerations are important, especially with respect to the Post Office. Without them, rural folks would not get mail at a reasonable price.

    I am not sure what is wrong with welfare.

    And, if you think the FDA would be better if it were run as a for-profit company, then you must really be pro-trial lawyer, because the tort system would be the only thing to ensure consumer protection.

  • With respect to the NY taxes, the workers could simply take vacation to cover the time. Obviously, not a perfect solution.

    Companies should simply ignore NY. The fact is that this was a charitable deduction by the employers. They donated the labor of their employees. Thus, NY has no business grabbing anything.

    What NY doesn’t realize is that it is going to need the good will of the rest of the country.