“F.D.A. Halts Coronavirus Testing Program Backed by Bill Gates”

“An innovative coronavirus testing program in the Seattle area — promoted by the billionaire Bill Gates and local public health officials as a way of conducting wider surveillance on the invisible spread of the virus — has been ordered by the federal government to stop its work pending additional reviews….’Please discontinue patient testing and return of diagnostic results to patients until proper authorization is obtained,’ the F.D.A. wrote in a memo.”

Appalling. Now will you believe what libertarians have been trying to tell you about the Food and Drug Administration? [Mike Baker, New York Times; earlier on FDA and COVID-19 testing here]

One Comment

  • At least the FDA admits that the agency considers informed citizens to be either dangerous, or endangered by information. They consider home collection kits to be safe and accurate enough if the results are only used to set government policy. But the tests are dangerous and inaccurate if an individual’s test result is revealed to the individual who provided the sample.

    From the NYT article:

    An F.D.A. spokesperson said home collection kits raised additional concerns about safety and accuracy that required the agency’s review. The issue in the Seattle case appears to be that the test results are being used not only by researchers for surveillance of the virus in the community but that the results are also being returned to patients to inform them.

    The FDA needs an appropriate agency motto. I suggest “Your ignorance is our bliss.”