• Police unions contribute to the public’s mistrust of police. When an officer fails to act or shoots someone in the back or steals drugs from the evidence locker, etc they should be fired.
    The court finding that police have no duty to protect citizens is also bad law. There have been cases where Antifa was beating people and police just watched.

  • “court finding that police have no duty to protect citizens”

    It may be bad law.

    But seems a good reason I need to reconsider not owning a firearm.

    • If you can legally own a firearm where you live, why would you not own one? Or two? Or more? This is a “no brainer”.

      • You might have teenagers or other household members you would not trust near a gun. The Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut is merely the most obvious example. Household guns can be locked up, but if your desire to own a gun is not strong to begin with, roommate questions might be enough to let it slide.

  • The union didn’t do this in their own. Elected officials negotiated and approved the contract. Management mismanaged the termination process.

    Is the fool who couldn’t figure out how to fire this guy going to be fired?

  • “First to respond” is technically true, but without full context this makes most people think we’re talking about the officer who was in the school, and received most of the press at the time. But that’s a different officer, Scot Peterson. This was covered in the linked article, but not in the blurb. Peterson is still fired and pending trial. “Peterson was the school resource officer at the school and was charged with 11 felony counts, including child neglect with bodily harm, culpable negligence and perjury. His case is still pending.”