More mentions on Overlawyered’s adjournment

The nicest single thing anyone says about me this week might turn out to be from Bob Ambrogi at Legal Sites: “Let’s retire jersey number one.” Thanks! Or it might be one of the kind things Scott Greenfield says here. Here’s what I wrote in response to Scott:

Thank you for those kind words. As you guessed, my choice of “adjourned” was mostly because of its legal flavor, but also signaled that I’m not retiring or going away. I like blogging! I continue to post at the group blog Cato at Liberty and at my low-frequency Maryland politics blog Free State Notes, and I might be tempted at some point to try a blog project with a limited subject and duration (several people have suggested I blog the coronavirus crisis). What I can’t go on shouldering is the commitment needed for an open-ended, daily-or-more-so, individual blog. You yourself set an outstanding example of how to go about doing that.

More coverage of my resolution to hang it up May 31: Bloomberg Law in a roundup, Eugene Volokh, Raised on Hoecakes. And: Steve Bainbridge (“one of those that inspired me to start my own blog. His site has been a must read since day one.”); Eric Turkewitz (“I’ve taken some crap over the years from other personal injury lawyers over my lauding of Olson and his site. But it was the way he did things that was important to me.”).

One Comment

  • I like to read legal blogs. Marco Randazza hasn’t added to his blog, Legal Satyricon, in 18 months. Ken White of Popehat hasn’t posted anything new for 8 months, and hasn’t posted at The Atlantic in months. While not a legal blog, Coyote Blog’s erudite Warren Meyer posts on a range of topics related to small businesses, including some legal matters. Meyer has greatly slowed the frequency of his posts.

    Having read these blogs, including Overlawyered, daily for about 9 years, I feel like I’m losing esteemed acquaintances. The list of educational and informative blogs I read over breakfast and coffee getting sadly shorter.