“Wearing Masks: Legally Required, but Also Illegal”

“One potential problem: wearing a mask in public may also be a crime…. In fact, many states and localities have similar anti-disguise laws, most of which date back to the Reconstruction era and were aimed at suppressing the Ku Klux Klan.” Kevin Underhill’s explainer of the law of mask bans includes the sidelight question of “false whiskers” [Lowering the Bar]


  • In a country with a heritage of masked stormtroopers (Klan, Antifa, etc.) as well as masked common criminals, a mask ban should not be permanently discarded. We should research consumer medical-masking materials that are transparent, allowing continued identification.

    • Or maybe the government should get out of the business of mandating, or prohibiting, fashion accessories period. You know that whole freedom of expression thing.

      • “Fashion accessories.” Yeah, right, sure.

        • “Libertarian”. Yeah, right, sure

  • It’s surprising how much attention such laws are getting this month, as compared to the total silence we heard when Antifa was holding their street parties.