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NYT op-ed: sic the International Criminal Court on “unregulated…capitalism”

A Yale professor calls for using the fledgling U.N.-system court to prosecute multinational businesses and their executives (“Treat Greed in Africa as a War Crime”). Red meat for some Times readers, no doubt, but among others alarm bells might start belatedly going off. I have more details in a new post at Commentary.

P.S. More on the Dutch court’s decision in the Shell Nigeria pollution case from Roger Alford/Opinio Juris, @annaholligan.

September 27 roundup

International law roundup

  • Let’s hope not: is Kony case reconciling conservatives to International Criminal Court? [New Republic] Sea Shepherd case shows Alien Tort Statute can serve “conservative” as well as “liberal” ends [Eugene Kontorovich, earlier]
  • “Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Sign On to Empty Human Rights Treaties” [Eric Posner, Slate, earlier]
  • Or maybe non-empty? U.N. Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities said to require enactment of strong Europe-wide equivalent of ADA [Disability Law]
  • A questionable free speech victory at the U.N. on defamation of religion [Jacob Mchangama]
  • Tales of “independent” court reports that weren’t: “Chevron-Ecuador case expert switches sides” [SF Chron, December]
  • New Kenneth Anderson book getting lots of recommendations: Living with the UN: American Responsibilities and International Order [Amazon]
  • “Revive Letters of Marque and Reprisal to Launch Cyber-Attacks Against China?” [Julian Ku/OJ]

August 31 roundup

  • Well, that solves that problem: International Criminal Court outlaws “aggression” [Jeremy Rabkin, Weekly Standard] One contrasting view [David Bosco, Foreign Policy]
  • “Attorney holds banks up to liability in ATM robberies” [Baldas, NLJ; Ted at PoL]
  • New report: litigation costs to California public schools run high [California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, PDF]
  • “Plaintiffs Object to Deal in Anorexia Suit Claiming School Didn’t Prevent Fat Taunts” [ABA Journal]
  • Attention government contractors: “Your customer wants to see how much you make” [Hodak Value]
  • New Jersey med-mal reform advocates rally after state high court guts certificate-of-merit law [NJLRA, more]
  • SEPTA, the Philadelphia transit authority, files trademark action against personal injury law firm [Kennerly]
  • Chemicals devastating lobsters in the Northeast? Maybe not [Logomasini, CEI]

February 15 roundup