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“The First Annual Tyler Clementi Internet Safety Conference”

Dear New York Law School: Should law schools really take the lead in promoting unconstitutional curbs on online speech? [Scott Greenfield]

Related, at least tangentially: a United Nations report on “cyberviolence” is cartoonishly bad on videogames and pretty much every other subject it touches [Ken White at Popehat]

September 14 roundup

Star-Ledger: “N.J. is missing the basics on bullying”

Newark Star-Ledger editorial:

There’s a big difference between a normal kid who teases a fellow fourth-grader and a bona fide bully who does real harm.

But you wouldn’t know it from our state’s anti-bullying law. In the burst of indignation after Tyler Clementi’s suicide three years ago, we were determined to do something about bullying.

And we drafted a sloppy statute…. it’s ensnaring way too many kids.

[h/t Neal McCluskey]

Dharun Ravi on trial for “bias intimidation”

Assuming the Rutgers roommate/consummate jerk should be facing criminal charges in the aftermath of Tyler Clementi’s suicide — a big if — it shouldn’t be over purported “bias intimidation,” argues Jacob Sullum [Reason, more; Jersey Conservative] Earlier on the Clementi case here, here, and here. And a Boston case has prompted questions about the reach of hate-crime law: “Are Lesbian Gay-Bashers Guilty of a Hate Crime?” [Atlantic Wire]

Related: At Psychology Today, Israel (Izzy) Kalman writes a blog critical of the rise of the “anti-bullying industry” and attendant efforts to criminalize for the first time many personal interactions both verbal and behavioral.

April 25 roundup

October 7 roundup