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Microblog 2008-09-22

    I’ve renamed these telegraphic roundups “microblog” which seems more approachable than “Twitter”. Better name suggestions are welcome.
  • Many countries had booms in housing finance, why was our meltdown worst? EconBrowser #
  • Hail of dead cats from blogosphere for Paulson bailout plan PoL #
  • Stunningly bad McCain idea: have Andrew Cuomo run SEC Mickey Kaus #
  • Business historian John Steele Gordon on origins of mortgage meltdown NYT Freakonomics guest post #
  • Going after lawyers in mortgage mess? New York Law Journal #
  • Obama to pick centrists for high court? Not if advisers Minow and Tribe can help it Kerr @ Volokh #

Congress: let’s sue OPEC

This wretched proposal to pursue sensitive foreign policy goals by way of treble-damage antitrust suits against sovereign nations is met by a hail of dead cats from Below the Beltway, Gateway Pundit, Liberty Reborn, Buffalog, Coalition of the Swilling, Sense of Events, Q and O, Coyote, Politics in the Zeros, Socrates’ Academy, It’s a Funny Thing, Bronze Blog, Discerning Texan, Blog About Nothing, It Looks Obvious, NoBrainer’s, Wheeling Intelligencer, and Collideoscope, among others. Earlier here.

And yet more: Perry de Havilland, Samizdata (“a derangement of legislators”)(via ASI).