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“This article is copyright protected. Fair Use is not applicable.”

Eugene Volokh has a good laugh at the expense of an upstate New York publication called the North Country Gazette (Oct. 23 and 25). More: I should have made clear that it was David Giacalone who noticed the Gazette’s unusual policy and called it to the attention of the blogosphere; he has subsequently found himself drawn into a dispute with Gazette proprietor June Maxam. More: Carolyn Elefant, Typical Joe, and PhDiva (here, here and here).

Blawg Review #39 — and “best name” honors

Blawg Review #39, the carnival of law bloggers, is hosted this week at Bruce MacEwen’s Adam Smith Esq., which is an invaluable source for those interested in the economic aspects of law-firm practice. Calling me “ever-reliable”, he links to last week’s item on the Dallas restaurateur who sued over a bad review.

Speaking of Blawg Review, the anonymous organizer of that endeavor has announced the winners of “Blawg Awards 2005”, and Overlawyered is happy to have won for Best Name for a Legal Blog. Among those commenting: Patent Baristas and the naming-and-branding site WordLab.