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January 4 roundup

  • Report: dead woman’s name robo-signed onto thousands of collection documents [Business Insider] Or was it? [comment, Fredrickson/Collections and Credit Risk (alleging that living daughter shares name of deceased mother)] “Are faked attorney signatures the ‘next huge issue’ in the foreclosure scandal?” [Renee Knake, Legal Ethics Forum]
  • “Major Verdict Threatens to Bankrupt Maker of Exercise Equipment” [Laura Simons, Abnormal Use]
  • Decline in competitiveness of U.S. capital markets owes much to legal and regulatory developments [Bainbridge, related]
  • Deadly Choices, The Panic Virus: Dr. Paul Offit and Seth Mnookin have new books out on vaccine controversy [Orac]
  • No one’s trying to get rich off this,” says lawyer planning suit on behalf of A train subway riders stranded during NYC blizzard [NY Daily News]
  • Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna continues to seek solutions to state’s uniquely exposed litigation position, including fix of joint and several liability [Seattle Times, background here and here]
  • ABA Blawg 100 picks — and a critique;
  • Alabama bar orders lawyer’s law license suspended, but in the mean time he’s been elected judge [four years ago on Overlawyered]

Self-filed suits work for unemployed New Yorker

A 58-year-old New Yorker “has filed more than 60 lawsuits against government agencies, colleges, creditors, companies and anyone else who has rubbed him the wrong way.” His suits charging discrimination, of which he has filed up to thirteen in a day, often allege failure to accommodate various physical ailments. “‘We don’t even bother asking him for his pass. We just let him in,’ one Manhattan station agent said. ‘I can’t understand how he has so much power.'” [New York Post]

August 31 roundup

  • Well, that solves that problem: International Criminal Court outlaws “aggression” [Jeremy Rabkin, Weekly Standard] One contrasting view [David Bosco, Foreign Policy]
  • “Attorney holds banks up to liability in ATM robberies” [Baldas, NLJ; Ted at PoL]
  • New report: litigation costs to California public schools run high [California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, PDF]
  • “Plaintiffs Object to Deal in Anorexia Suit Claiming School Didn’t Prevent Fat Taunts” [ABA Journal]
  • Attention government contractors: “Your customer wants to see how much you make” [Hodak Value]
  • New Jersey med-mal reform advocates rally after state high court guts certificate-of-merit law [NJLRA, more]
  • SEPTA, the Philadelphia transit authority, files trademark action against personal injury law firm [Kennerly]
  • Chemicals devastating lobsters in the Northeast? Maybe not [Logomasini, CEI]