Demand for shaker abstinence

A prominent busybody group filed suit yesterday demanding that food preparers be made to obtain permission from federal regulators before adding salt to food. In its lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration, the nosy, hectoring Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says the savory crystals should be categorized as a regulated food additive; salt is currently, like many other long-used substances, grandfathered into the unregulated “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS) category. (Maggie Fox, “Salt Should Be Regulated Food Additive, Group Says”, Reuters, Feb. 24). For more on CSPI, see Sept. 19, 2003.


  • Rubbing Salt in the Bureaucracy

    No one, not even the yahoos at CSPI, would seriously consider banning table salt (though perhaps we’ll start seeing calls for a “salt tax”). So where instead do they turn their sights? Of course, the restaurant and processed food industries. In other…

  • the fly resettles

    lightining– the fly resettles in the same spot

  • Weblogging about salt

    It’s enough to make me feel like the kid who wore the wrong brand of tennis shoes. Few webloggers this week shared my reasonably sympathetic view of CSPI’s renewed lawsuit about salt.