Baseball club to hold “Frivolous Lawsuit Night”

From a May 17 news release by the Eastern League Altoona Curve:

ALTOONA- Inspired by a Los Angeles Angels fan who filed a lawsuit against the club because he did not receive a red nylon tote bag as part of the major league club’s Mother’s Day promotion last May [see May 11], the Altoona Curve have announced that they will be holding Salute to Frivolous Lawsuit Night as part of their Sunday, July 2nd game at Blair County Ballpark.

The Curve’s salute to all ridiculous lawsuits ever filed will include the following:

* A Pink Tote Bag Giveaway to the first 137 men in attendance ages 18 and over

* The first 137 women 18 and over will receive lukewarm coffee so they will not burn themselves [see Oct. 20, 2005]

* The first 137 kids will be given a beach ball with a warning not to ingest it

* Angels merchandise and novelty items given away throughout the game

* Honoring some of history’s “Most Frivolous Lawsuits” during the game

A grand prize drawing in which one fan will receive a “clue” and their own frivolous lawsuit.

Additional details will be announced later

“We realize that these giveaways as part of our Salute to Frivolous Lawsuit Night are fairly stupid and serve no real purpose,” said Curve General Manager Todd Parnell. “But if our fans don’t like them, then they can sue us!”

Curve President and Managing Partner Chuck Greenberg, himself a practicing corporate and sports attorney, declined to comment on his club’s promotion because of concerns that his comments could lead to a frivolous lawsuit.

The Altoona Curve have become widely recognized for the fun, themed nights…


  • I only wish I lived close enough to attend so I could search diligently for something to sue about…, WAIT that’s it, I’ll file suit because they placed the club too far from my house!!!

  • This is a lovely idea, and I think they should ask Al Rava to be their Guest of Honor.