February 14 roundup

  • Examiner newspaper begins series on how Milberg Weiss used nonprofit foundation to project its clout among judges, academics, influentials [Institute for Law & Economic Policy, three-parter]
  • Judge Canute, or just reporter’s awkward wording? Australian jurist with great eyeglasses bans screening of TV drama in state of Victoria; “Under the order, all internet material relating to the series is also banned.” [Herald Sun] (More explanation on the court order: The Australian).
  • Times Square’s Naked Cowboy sues over M & M candy ad playing off his image [NY Post]
  • Bite mark testimony makes another chapter in catalogue of dubious prosecutorial forensics [Folo’s NMC on two Mississippi Innocence Project cases]
  • Update: Pennsylvania court upholds disputed fees in Kia-brake class action [Legal Intelligencer; earlier]
  • Best not take McCain too literally when he says he’d demand that judicial nominees have a proven record on Constitutional interpretation [Beldar]
  • Expert witness coaching …. by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals? [Nordberg; earlier]
  • For some reason many Boston residents feel menaced by city’s plan for police to go door to door asking “voluntary,” “friendly” permission to search premises for guns [Globe]
  • Lots and lots of publications print Mohammed cartoon in solidarity with mohammed_cartoon_bomb.jpg Danish cartoonist and assassination-plot target Kurt Westergaard [CNN; Malkin]
  • Calgary Muslim leader withdraws official complaint against Ezra Levant over his publication of Mohammed cartoons [National Post; earlier]
  • Steyn, relatedly: critics dragging my book before Canadian tribunals wish not to “start a debate”, but to cut one off [National Post]


  • Beldar’s criticism of McCain takes one sentence out of context, and is then ludicrously literal about it to the point of disingenuousness in claiming that it eliminates all but federal judges from the bench. An active Federalist Society member or DOJ official who has spoken out in favor of judicial restraint would readily qualify under McCain’s stated criterion. John Roberts would be qualified well before he was named to the DC Circuit; Harriet Miers wouldn’t.

    McCain’s made a promise here, and he’s an honorable man. He’s got the best legal minds advising him. This isn’t an issue where I’m worried.

  • The most important thing in the news today is the “naked Cowboy” going after M&M’s for trying to profit by his own self invented “gimmick.”

    Hurray for the naked Cowboy…shame shame on M&Ms.

    Patrick McEvoy
    Rainmaker Best Practices

  • Did you see the “jurist with the great eyeglasses”? She looks like a character out of a “Far Side” cartoon! I thought she had banned the television program because one of the characters in the program parodied her and those “great eyeglasses”.

  • Boston Gun article:

    I went to the link and saw the picture. New caption:

    Officer stands by ready to lob tear gas while SWAT team member in Riot helmet attempts to wrestle weapon from accused assailant.

  • […] The court, however, refused to render summary judgment on the Naked Cowboy’s Lanham Act claim of false endorsement, on the grounds that passers-by might confuse the M&M video for the Cowboy’s (somewhat dubious?) endorsement. (Earlier coverage). […]