Judge Sues Sniper, Defense Lawyer “Mystified”

A family court judge who was shot in his chambers by a man whose bitter divorce he was handling has sued the gunman, seeking damages totaling more than $100,000.

…Mack’s civil lawyer, Mark Wray, said the suit “mystified” him. Mack has long since lost the fortune he earned from the pawn shop, and his client’s 9-year-old daughter is getting the last of it, Wray said.

Mystified, is he? Maybe it has something to do with the conspirators.
(News Observer Feb. 23)


  • As much as one wants to feel sorry for the kid, just why should she get dibs on the dough? The shooter, if he looses the suit, will have created a debt for himself. As much as he would like to shelter the money from others in his daughter’s name (even if for her benefit), being a poor father should not eliminate his debts.

  • “much as he would like to shelter the money from others in his daughter’s name (even if for her benefit)…”

    Depending on the way the courts decisions have gone (being that he killed his wife, presumably her mother), putting the money “in her name” may not be an accurate way of putting it.

    It is likely that he no longer has custody (one hopes), and thus, the money would actually be HERS, and he would not have access to it in any way. As such, it would no longer be his money with which to pay his debts, and her claim on it (possibly due to his killing her mother) would be prior to this claim on it.

  • OK, the link did not work – or, really, the news site did not keep that url working, but anyway:

    It is entirely possible that the judge in the case indeed needed killing. So, maybe justice wasn’t served in that way. It is family court, after all. Most times there is no justice for any men plaintiffs or defendants.

    Next time, the guy should spend more time out at the range. I feel sorry for the girl, and money won’t make it all better.