Muscling into her clients’ wedding pictures

Virginia Postrel wonders why publicity-hound attorney Gloria Allred wouldn’t let her clients have the spotlight for once last week. “This is not just rude. It’s bad politics. If you want to get Californians to vote against a state-constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, you should keep the obnoxious leftist lawyers out of sight and highlight the happy families.” (Jun. 18).


  • Not that she’s alone, but Gloria is without a doubt an unmitigated publicity slut. It is worse than rude; it’s downright embarrassing. And she’s happy to handle any side of a controversy as long as it gets her face in a public photo.

  • Well, that is her business. She has always behaved this way, and her firm is has done very well.

    (I am secretly breathing into a paper bag)

  • It’s always all about Gloria. A few years ago, I won a first place award from LA Press Club and she was the presenter. Unlike all the other presenters, who talked about the person they were giving the award to, Gloria talked about Gloria. I thought, “I worked really, really hard on this piece. Can’t it be about me for 30 seconds?!”