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“The only times I saw her (Allred) was when the media was there.”

Imagine that: a discontented Gloria Allred client, in this case Debrahlee Lorenzana, who filed a pioneering “fired because I looked too hot” suit against Citicorp in 2010. (Allred is now representing a second such client, against a Manhattan lingerie shop.) “Allred told the Daily News she and her team ‘put in hundreds of hours fighting for her (Lorenzana’s) rights.'” [Fox News]

And from comments: Ted Frank defends Gloria Allred.

Gloria Allred follies, cont’d

Giving her more publicity about it might seem counterproductive, but Aaron Worthing nonetheless blasts the camera-eager Los Angeles attorney for trying to obtain the prosecution of radio host Rush Limbaugh on the basis of a thoroughly sexist (as well as speech-unfriendly) Florida law banning imputations of female unchastity. [Allergic To Bull] More: Eugene Volokh; Libby Copeland, Slate “XX Factor” (Allred’s involvement “means the issue has officially jumped the shark”).

P.S.: “This isn’t political” say Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem as they call on the FCC to ban Limbaugh from the airwaves [CNN]

“What good are cameras if Gloria Allred isn’t in front of them?”

The Los Angeles lawyer springs another surprise on a gubernatorial candidate in the run-up to an election, this time Meg Whitman, who allegedly didn’t fire a housekeeper fast enough as her illegal status emerged, or perhaps fired her too fast, it’s not entirely clear. [Jim Treacher] More: Legal Ethics Forum (“As always, some question if Allred’s publicity-seeking actions are in the best interests of the client,”), Coyote (“What Kind of Freaking Lawyer is This Lady?”).

December 18 roundup

  • Class action to follow? Longtime Overlawyered favorite Gloria Allred now representing one of the Tiger Tootsies [The Observer]
  • Alabama lawyer moves to postpone trial so he can see Crimson Tide take on Texas [Yahoo “Rivals”]
  • “Thomas the Tank Engine attacked for ‘conservative political ideology'” [Telegraph; Canadian academic calls for tighter controls on children’s broadcasting]
  • Government manages to lose money at bookie racket: “NYC’s Off-Track-Betting Seeks Bankruptcy Protection” [Bloomberg]
  • “Rapist ex-lawmaker claims copyright on his name, threatens legal action” [Boing Boing, Volokh, Randazza/Citizen Media Law]
  • Graubard Miller $42 million contingency fee “now in referee’s hands” [NYLJ; earlier Oct. 5, etc.]
  • It’ll destroy our image of him: opponents say “alleged Ponzi schemer and disbarred attorney Scott Rothstein filed frivolous lawsuits” [DBR]
  • New Hampshire disciplinary panel finds prominent injury attorney broke ethics rules in handling client who talked of firing him from multi-million-dollar case [Keene Sentinel]