Gloria Allred follies, cont’d

Giving her more publicity about it might seem counterproductive, but Aaron Worthing nonetheless blasts the camera-eager Los Angeles attorney for trying to obtain the prosecution of radio host Rush Limbaugh on the basis of a thoroughly sexist (as well as speech-unfriendly) Florida law banning imputations of female unchastity. [Allergic To Bull] More: Eugene Volokh; Libby Copeland, Slate “XX Factor” (Allred’s involvement “means the issue has officially jumped the shark”).

P.S.: “This isn’t political” say Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem as they call on the FCC to ban Limbaugh from the airwaves [CNN]


  • Will she also demand the prosecution of Bill Maher for his obscene comments about Sarah Palin and other conservatives? Some how I doubt it. So it’s selective prosecution.

  • File Under: “They Just Can’t Help Themselves”…

    Via Walter Olsen, the Quote of the day: The Limbaugh Scandal Fades, With an Assist From Gloria Allred Happily for Limbaugh, though, Gloria Allred has just become involved in the scandal, which means the issue has officially jumped the shark…….

  • Rush is based in Florida, Maher isn’t. I’m sure Allred would treat them both the same!

    BTW: There’s another unintended consequence to this. I’d consider myself left-leaning (though a pro-business liberal). And I never listened to Rush before. But I started listening to him after all the recent publicity. And I find him very entertaining. I now listen about an hour a day.

  • so are floridians not allowed to call allred a publicity whore?

  • I suppose we should thank Allred for warning us about the need to strike down this idiotic law before someone actually gets prosecuted under it.

    And thank God that Allred is such an ineffective buffoon. If one tenth of her views were ever successfully turned into laws, all our remaining freedom would be gone.

  • It doesn’t matter that Maher is not based in Florida. That hasn’t stopped her in the past. His show is on HBO which is shown in Florida. Don’t kid yourself that she would treat them all the same. Otherwise she would have filed a lawsuit against Maher. She’s as liberal as they come.

  • To Ed’s point: Remember, she tried to take Michael Jackson’s kids away after he dangled one out a hotel window….in Berlin, Germany? (Wonder why she could not have been held for attempted kidnapping in that one?)

  • Gloria you ignorant…on advice of counsel I will not complete that sentence.

    Is insanity grounds for disbarment?

  • I saw a comment today to the effect that if anyone should be thrown off the airwaves it would be Hanoi Jane.